Virat Kohli Brand Ambassador List – How Many Brands Does Kohli Represent?

Virat Kohli is a famous cricket player. He is not just good at cricket, he is also famous for promoting different brands. When we talk about the brands he promotes, we call it the “Virat Kohli Brand Ambassador List”. Let’s explore how many brands Virat Kohli represents and why he is so popular among them.

Before we talk about Virat Kohli, let’s understand what a brand ambassador is. A brand ambassador is a person who represents a company or a product. They help the company to tell people about their products. They use their fame and popularity to make people like the product more.

Virat Kohli Brand Ambassador List

Virat Kohli is associated with many brands. People estimate that he represents around 34 brands! That’s a lot, right? These brands come from different industries like clothes, travel, finance, and more. Let’s see some of the brands he works with:

1. Sportswear and Apparel:  

  • One of the big brands Virat Kohli works with is Puma. It is a company that makes sportswear like shoes and clothes. Many people like to wear Puma because Virat Kohli promotes it.
  • He also has his own clothing brand called Wrogn. It’s a brand for men’s clothes and Virat Kohli’s fans love to wear it because it has his style.

2. Travel and Lifestyle:  

  • When people travel, they need good luggage. Virat Kohli promotes a company called American Tourister. They make good quality luggage bags. People trust this brand because Virat Kohli says it’s good.

3. Finance and Technology:  

  • Virat Kohli also promotes a company called Digit Insurance. This company helps people when something bad happens, like if they lose their things or if they get hurt. It’s like a safety net.
  • Another brand he promotes is Mobile Premier League (MPL). It is a platform where people can play games on their phones and win prizes.

4. Health and Wellness:  

  • Virat Kohli knows how important it is to stay healthy. That’s why he promotes Himalaya, a company that makes natural products for health.
  • He also tells people about Boost, an energy drink that helps you feel active. Many young people like this drink because Virat Kohli says it’s good.

5. Automobiles and Consumer Durables:  

  • Virat Kohli loves cars. He works with Audi, a company that makes luxury cars. People dream of having an Audi because Virat Kohli has one.
  • He also promotes Duroflex, a company that makes mattresses. After a tiring game, people want to sleep well. So, they trust Duroflex because Virat Kohli says it’s comfortable.

6. Others:  

  • Apart from these, Virat Kohli promotes brands from unexpected areas too. He tells people about education through Great Learning. 
  • He also talks about online medicine delivery with NetMeds
  • And, he even tells people about paints with Indigo Paints!

Why Do Companies Choose Virat Kohli?

Companies like to work with Virat Kohli because he is very famous. Many people like him and trust him. Here are some reasons why he is a good brand ambassador:

  • Many Fans: Virat Kohli has a lot of fans all over the world. When he says he likes a product, his fans also like it.
  • Fitness and Health: Virat Kohli is very fit. He shows people that it’s important to be healthy. So, when he promotes health products, people listen to him.
  • Young and Stylish: Many young people follow Virat Kohli’s style. They want to be like him. So, when he promotes clothes or fashion, young people like it.
  • Good Person: Virat Kohli is known for being a good person. He works hard and is a good leader. Companies like to be associated with such positive qualities.

How Much Does Virat Kohli Earn?

Being a brand ambassador is not just about telling people about products. It’s also a job and Virat Kohli gets paid for it. Companies pay him a lot of money to promote their products. Some people say he earns between Rs. 5 crore to Rs. 17 crore for each brand he promotes. That’s a lot of money!

Table: Virat Kohli Brand Ambassador List

PumaSportswear and ApparelClothing, Shoes
MyntraFashionOnline Fashion Store
Wrogn (Owned by Kohli)FashionMen’s Clothing
American TouristerTravelLuggage
Digit InsuranceFinanceDigital Insurance Platform
Mobile Premier League (MPL)TechnologyMobile Gaming Platform
HimalayaHealth and WellnessHerbal Products
BoostHealth and WellnessEnergy Drink
Too YummHealth and WellnessHealthy Snacks
AudiAutomobilesLuxury Cars
DuroflexConsumer DurablesMattresses
Great LearningEducationOnline Education Platform
NetMedsHealthcareOnline Medicine Delivery
Indigo PaintsOthersPaints


Virat Kohli is not just a cricket player; he is a brand ambassador too. He promotes many brands and helps them become popular. People like to listen to him because they trust him. That’s why many companies choose him to represent their products. Virat Kohli brand ambassador list is long and it keeps growing. He is a big name in the world of advertising and his popularity helps many brands succeed.

FAQs: Virat Kohli Brand Ambassador List

How many brands does Virat Kohli endorse?

Estimates suggest there are around 34 brands in the Virat Kohli Brand Ambassador List.

What kind of brands does Virat Kohli represent?

Virat Kohli Brand Ambassador List covers a wide range of industries, including sportswear, travel, finance, health & wellness, automobiles, education, and more.

Why do so many brands want Virat Kohli as their ambassador?

Virat Kohli’s immense fan following, positive image, dedication to fitness, and youth appeal make him a valuable asset for brands seeking to build trust and connect with a broad audience.

What are some of the biggest brands Virat Kohli is associated with?

Some of the prominent brands in the Virat Kohli Brand Ambassador List include Puma, Audi, Myntra, Himalaya, Boost, Digit Insurance, and MPL.

Does Virat Kohli own any brands himself?

Yes, Virat Kohli co-founded Wrogn, a men’s clothing brand.

How much does Virat Kohli charge for brand endorsements?

Estimates suggest Virat Kohli charges anywhere between Rs. 5 crore to Rs. 17 crore per endorsement, depending on the brand and contract details.

Will the Virat Kohli Brand Ambassador List keep growing?

With his ever-increasing popularity, the Virat Kohli Brand Ambassador List is likely to expand further as he ventures into new areas beyond cricket.

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