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We at Global Affairs Navigator are passionate about bringing India’s vibrant culture, News, and entertainment to the world! We explore the intersection of Education News, Technology News, and Entertainment News to create engaging experiences that inform and delight. Join us on a journey to discover the magic of India!

What Global Affairs Navigator’s Website contains:

  • In-Depth Analysis And News Updates
  • Journal Of Events And Trends Shaping World News
  • Stories And News That Are Making The Headlines
  • Not Just Reporting But Analyzation Of News
  • Curate And Deliver What Is Going Around

Our Vision

Our vision is to create an inclusive platform that informs, inspires, and entertains readers worldwide. We aim to deliver high-quality News across diverse categories, fostering a community of knowledge-seekers and enthusiasts.

Global Affairs Navigator – Team

Thakur Abhishek Yuvraj Parmar (Founder, Technical Head, & Author)

Tech-savvy, Proud Indian, and passionate about learning – I’m Abhishek Parmar! 

I am a dynamic content creator, exploring India’s latest updates. With a knack for capturing the nation’s evolving narratives, I craft engaging content that resonates with diverse audiences. Through my work, I seek to inform, inspire, and spark meaningful conversations about India’s ever-changing landscape.

Surbhi Manila (Author & Editor)

Foodie, health enthusiast, Tech fanatic, and lover of good stories – that’s me, Surbhi Manila!

I am a content creator specializing in Entertainment & Technology. With a knack for storytelling, I craft engaging content that captivates audiences. From reviews of the latest gadgets to insights into trending movies and TV shows, I keep my followers informed and entertained with my dynamic content.

Surbhi Parmar (Author)

I’m Surbhi Parmar, an Education enthusiast, passionate about learning.

I craft engaging educational content, helping learners grasp complex topics with ease. With a passion for simplifying concepts, I create articles, and interactive resources that inspire curiosity and foster understanding. My work is dedicated to making learning enjoyable and accessible for all.

Thakur Abhinay Parmar (Author)

I’m Abhinay Parmar, Tech Enthusiast, Intrigued by the latest trends in Technology.

I craft engaging content in the niche of technology. With a passion for innovation and a knack for simplifying complex concepts, I educate and entertain his audience. From gadget reviews to tech tutorials, he’s your go-to guide in the digital niche.

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