Top 10 Female Entrepreneurs in India 2024 – Inspiring Journeys of Women

India is witnessing a phenomenal rise in women’s entrepreneurship. These remarkable women are breaking barriers, defying stereotypes, and building successful businesses across various industries. From healthcare and technology to fashion and social impact, their contributions are shaping the future of Indian business. We celebrate the journeys of such inspiring top 10 female entrepreneurs in India for 2024.

List of the Top 10 Female Entrepreneurs in India

Here are ten amazing women who started their own businesses in India. They are smart, creative, and inspiring. From technology to fashion, these entrepreneurs have built successful companies and are making a big impact. Let’s celebrate their achievements and learn from their stories!

1. Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw: Biocon Limited

A name synonymous with Indian biotechnology, Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw is a legend in her own right. She founded Biocon Limited in 1978, a company that today is a global leader in biopharmaceutical research. Facing initial skepticism in a male-dominated field, Kiran persevered with her vision of making affordable insulin accessible to all. Her unwavering commitment to innovation and social responsibility has earned her numerous accolades, including the Padma Bhushan, one of India’s highest civilian awards.

2. Falguni Nayar: Nykaa

Falguni Nayar, co-founder of Nykaa, is a force to be reckoned with in the Indian beauty industry. Recognizing a gap in the market for curated beauty products, she launched Nykaa in 2012. Today, Nykaa is a multi-brand beauty retailer, offering both online and offline stores. Falguni’s sharp business acumen and focus on customer experience have transformed Nykaa into a household name, empowering women to embrace their individuality through beauty.

3. Upasana Taku: MobiKwik

Upasana Taku, along with her husband Bipin Preet Singh, co-founded MobiKwik in 2009. MobiKwik is a leading digital payments platform that has made life easier for millions of Indians. Upasana, a graduate from the prestigious Stanford University, recognized the potential of mobile wallets early on. Her vision and leadership have played a crucial role in driving financial inclusion in India, especially for those without access to traditional banking services.

4. Ghazal Alagh: Mamaearth – Natural Care for All

Ghazal Alagh, co-founder of Mamaearth, is a passionate advocate for natural and toxin-free personal care products. Launched in 2016, Mamaearth has become a popular brand for moms and babies, offering a safe and effective alternative to chemical-laden products. Ghazal’s commitment to clean beauty and sustainability has resonated with a growing audience, making Mamaearth a success story in the Indian consumer goods market.

5. Shradha Sharma: YourStory

Shradha Sharma is the founder of YourStory, a digital media platform dedicated to entrepreneurship and startups in India. Launched in 2008, YourStory has become a go-to platform for aspiring entrepreneurs, offering inspiring stories, valuable resources, and a supportive online community. Shradha’s vision of empowering a generation of entrepreneurs has helped create a vibrant ecosystem for innovation and growth in India.

6. Neeru Sharma: Infibeam Avenues

Neeru Sharma, co-founder of Infibeam Avenues, is a leading figure in the Indian e-commerce space. Infibeam Avenues is a comprehensive e-commerce solutions provider that offers payment gateways, logistics services, and marketing tools. Neeru’s expertise in technology and business development has been instrumental in enabling the growth of numerous online businesses in India.

7. Sugandha & Malika Sadani: The Moms Co. – Nurturing Motherhood

Sugandha and Malika Sadani are the co-founders of The Moms Co., a brand dedicated to providing safe and natural products for mothers and babies. Recognizing the lack of transparency in the maternity care market, they launched The Moms Co. in 2012. Today, the brand offers a wide range of products formulated with natural ingredients and scientific backing, catering to the specific needs of mothers and their little ones.

8. Ruchi Garg: Venuelook

Ruchi Garg, co-founder and CEO of Venuelook, has simplified the process of finding and booking venues for events. Launched in 2015, Venuelook is an online platform that connects event organizers with a diverse range of venues, from conference halls to banquet spaces. Ruchi’s innovative approach has addressed a major pain point for event planners and contributed to the growth of the event management industry in India.

9. Ankita Gaba: MyGlamm

Ankita Gaba, the founder of MyGlamm, is a fashion and beauty entrepreneur with a mission to empower women. Launched in 2017, MyGlamm offers a curated selection of makeup and beauty products, along with personalized recommendations and tutorials. Ankita’s vision of creating a beauty brand specifically for Indian women has resonated with a large audience, making MyGlamm a popular choice for beauty enthusiasts across the country.

10. Vandana Luthra: VLCC Health & Wellness

Vandana Luthra, the founder of VLCC Health & Wellness, is a pioneer in the Indian wellness industry. Established in 1989, VLCC has grown into a multi-crore empire, offering a range of beauty, weight management, and fitness solutions. Vandana’s entrepreneurial spirit and focus on women’s health and well-being have made VLCC a household name and a trusted brand for millions of Indian women.

This list of Top 10 Female Entrepreneurs in India highlights just a few of the many remarkable female entrepreneurs who are shaping India’s business landscape. There are countless other women making significant contributions across diverse sectors. From social enterprises tackling critical issues to innovative startups disrupting traditional industries, female entrepreneurs are driving positive change and inspiring a new generation of leaders.

Statistics on Female Entrepreneurship in India (As of 2024)

Here are some key statistics on female entrepreneurship in India, along with references for further exploration:

There are estimates ranging from 13.5 to 15.7 million women-owned enterprises in India [Instamojo – Women in business: 15 statistics that show women’s position in commerce].

Some reports suggest available data might overestimate true entrepreneurship, with 10% to 30% of registered enterprises not being actively run by women [NITI Aayog – Decoding government support to women entrepreneurs in India].

Women own roughly 20% of all enterprises in India [NITI Aayog – Decoding government support to women entrepreneurs in India].

Around 82% of women-led enterprises are micro-units, run as sole proprietorships, and concentrated in the informal sector [NITI Aayog – Decoding government support to women entrepreneurs in India].

Women-owned businesses in India employ an estimated 22 to 27 million people [NITI Aayog – Decoding government support to women entrepreneurs in India].

Studies suggest that by accelerating women’s entrepreneurship, India could create more than 30 million women-owned enterprises, with the potential to generate 150 to 170 million jobs [Startup IndiaBarriers to Success: Interesting Facts About Women Entrepreneurs].

Supporting Female Entrepreneurs in India

Despite the progress made, women entrepreneurs in India still face challenges. Access to funding, mentorship, and networking opportunities can be limited. To further empower women entrepreneurs, there is a need for:

  • Increased investment: Investors need to recognize the immense potential of women-led businesses and provide them with the financial backing they need to grow.
  • Mentorship programs: Connecting aspiring women entrepreneurs with experienced mentors can provide them with invaluable guidance and support.
  • Networking opportunities: Building a strong network can open doors to new opportunities and collaborations.

By addressing these challenges and fostering a supportive ecosystem, we can create a future where women entrepreneurs can thrive and contribute even more significantly to India’s economic growth and social progress.


The journeys of these top 10 female entrepreneurs are a testament to the power of ambition, resilience, and innovation. They inspire all of us to pursue our dreams and make a positive impact on the world. As India continues to move forward, the contributions of female entrepreneurs will undoubtedly play a vital role in shaping a brighter future for the nation.

India’s amazing women are starting incredible businesses! From biotech to beauty, these 10 entrepreneurs are inspiring everyone. 

  • Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw makes medicine affordable
  • Falguni Nayar built a beauty empire (Nykaa!)
  • Upasana Taku helps millions pay with MobiKwik
  • Look out for Ghazal Alagh’s natural care (Mamaearth)
  • Shradha Sharma’s stories of entrepreneurs (YourStory)
  • Neeru Sharma’s e-commerce solutions (Infibeam)
  • Sugandha & Malika Sadani care for moms (The Moms Co.)
  • Ruchi Garg makes finding event spaces easy (Venuelook)
  • Ankita Gaba empowers women with fashion (MyGlamm)
  • Vandana Luthra keeps you well with VLCC!

By celebrating the achievements of female entrepreneurs and working together to remove barriers, we can create a world where women can reach their full potential and contribute their unique talents to building a better future

Table 1: Top 10 Female Entrepreneurs in India

Kiran Mazumdar-ShawBiotechnologyBiocon LimitedMaking affordable insulin accessible
Falguni NayarBeautyNykaaCurated beauty products for women
Upasana TakuFintechMobiKwikMobile wallet for financial inclusion
Ghazal AlaghConsumer GoodsMamaearthNatural and toxin-free personal care products
Shradha SharmaMediaYourStoryEntrepreneurship and startup platform
Neeru SharmaE-commerceInfibeam AvenuesE-commerce solutions provider
Sugandha & Malika SadaniConsumer GoodsThe Moms Co.Safe and natural products for mothers and babies
Ruchi GargEvent ManagementVenuelookOnline platform for venue booking
Ankita GabaFashion & BeautyMyGlammMakeup and beauty products for Indian women
Vandana LuthraWellnessVLCC Health & WellnessBeauty, weight management, and fitness solutions

Table 2: Female Entrepreneurs in India

Why is this list important?Highlights achievements, inspires future entrepreneurs, showcases industry diversity.
Are there more successful female entrepreneurs?Yes, this is just a starting point!
What challenges do they face?Limited access to funding, mentorship, and networking opportunities.
How can we support them?Increased investment, mentorship programs, strong networking.
What’s the future outlook?Bright! With more support, they’ll play a vital role in India’s growth.
How were the Top 10 chosen?Industry impact, company growth & innovation, social impact, and role model potential.
Is there a dominant industry?Beauty & wellness is strong, but the list is diverse (Biotech, e-commerce, media, fashion).
Where can I learn more?YourStory, Confederation of Women Entrepreneurs of India (CWEI), SheThePeople

FAQs: Top 10 Female Entrepreneurs in India

Q. Why is a list of the Top 10 Female Entrepreneurs in India important?

This list highlights the achievements of women who are breaking barriers and shaping the Indian business landscape. It serves as an inspiration to aspiring female entrepreneurs and showcases the diverse range of industries these women are leading.

Q. Are there other successful female entrepreneurs in India besides the 10 Female Entrepreneurs in India mentioned?

Absolutely! This list is just a starting point. There are countless other women making significant contributions across various sectors. The Indian entrepreneurial scene is brimming with talented women making a difference.

Q. What challenges do female entrepreneurs in India face?

Despite the progress made, female entrepreneurs can face limitations in accessing funding, mentorship, and networking opportunities. These are crucial aspects for business growth.

Q. How can we support female entrepreneurs in India?

There are several ways to empower women entrepreneurs:

  • Increased investment from venture capitalists and angel investors.
  • Mentorship programs connecting aspiring women entrepreneurs with experienced mentors.
  • Building strong networking opportunities to foster collaboration and open doors to new possibilities.

Q. What’s the future outlook for female entrepreneurs in India?

The future is bright! With increased support and a growing ecosystem, female entrepreneurs are poised to play a vital role in driving India’s economic growth and social progress. Their contributions will shape a brighter future for the nation.

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