Zudio Franchise Cost in India: Ultimate Guide to Start Your Fashion Business in 2024

If you’re considering entering the fashion retail industry in India, starting a franchise with a well-established brand like Zudio could be a great opportunity. Zudio, a part of the Tata Group, has rapidly grown in popularity for its affordable and trendy fashion offerings. In this detailed guide, we will explore everything you need to know about the Zudio franchise cost in India and what it entails to start your own Zudio store.

What is Zudio?

Zudio is a retail brand under Trent Ltd., a part of the Tata Group, one of India’s largest and most respected mergers. Zudio offers a wide range of affordable fashion items, including clothing, footwear, and accessories for men, women, and children. The brand has positioned itself as a destination for trendy and budget-friendly fashion, appealing to a broad demographic across India.

Zudio Franchise: Facts at a Glance

Year Founded2016
Part ofTrent Ltd. (Tata Group)
Number of Stores (as of May 2024)Over 352
Franchise ModelFOCO (Franchise Owned Company Operated)
Franchise Fee₹5 lakhs – ₹10 lakhs
Initial Investment Range₹40 lakhs – ₹80 lakhs
Estimated Monthly Sales Range₹15 lakhs – ₹50 lakhs
Break-Even Timeframe1-2 years
Expected Profit Margin15% – 20%
Target AudienceValue-conscious consumers seeking trendy fashion
Product RangeMen’s, women’s, and children’s clothing, footwear, and homeware

Why Choose a Zudio Franchise?

Owning a Zudio franchise offers a chance to be your own boss in the exciting fashion world! Zudio’s trusted brand and affordable styles attract lots of customers. They provide training and support to help you succeed. With hard work, you can build a thriving business selling quality clothes at great prices.

1. Brand Recognition

One of the biggest advantages of choosing a Zudio franchise is the strong brand recognition. As part of the Tata Group, Zudio benefits from a reputation for quality and reliability. This can help attract customers who are already familiar with and trust the Tata brand.

2. Growing Market

The fashion retail market in India is growing rapidly. With a large and youthful population, there is a consistent demand for trendy and affordable fashion. Zudio’s positioning in the market caters perfectly to this demand, ensuring a steady stream of customers.

3. Support and Training

Zudio provides comprehensive support and training to its franchisees. This includes assistance with store setup, staff training, marketing, and ongoing operational support. This support system can be invaluable, especially for those new to the retail industry.

What is the Zudio Franchise Cost in India?

Starting a Zudio franchise involves several costs, which can be broadly categorized into initial investment and ongoing costs. Here’s a detailed breakdown:

Initial Investment

1. Franchise Fee

The franchise fee is a one-time payment made to Zudio for the rights to operate a franchise under their brand name. This fee can range from INR 5 lakhs to INR 10 lakhs, depending on the location and size of the store.

2. Store Setup Costs

Setting up a Zudio store requires significant investment in terms of infrastructure, interiors, signage, and fixtures. This can include costs for flooring, lighting, shelves, display racks, and more. The setup cost typically ranges between INR 20 lakhs to INR 40 lakhs.

3. Inventory

Stocking your store with an initial inventory of products is another major expense. This will include a variety of clothing, footwear, and accessories. The initial inventory cost can range from INR 10 lakhs to INR 20 lakhs.

4. Rent and Security Deposit

Leasing a retail space in a prime location can be expensive. The rent varies greatly depending on the city and specific location within the city. Additionally, landlords often require a security deposit, which can be up to six months’ rent. This cost can range from INR 5 lakhs to INR 20 lakhs.

Ongoing Costs

1. Royalty Fees

As a franchisee, you will need to pay ongoing royalty fees to Zudio. These fees are usually a percentage of your monthly sales, typically around 5% to 8%.

2. Staff Salaries

Hiring and retaining skilled staff is crucial for the smooth operation of your store. Salaries will vary depending on the size of your store and the number of employees. On average, monthly salaries can total between INR 2 lakhs to INR 5 lakhs.

3. Marketing and Advertising

Promoting your store is essential to attract and retain customers. While Zudio provides some level of marketing support, local advertising efforts will be necessary. Monthly marketing expenses can range from INR 50,000 to INR 1 lakh.

4. Utilities and Maintenance

Regular expenses such as electricity, water, and store maintenance are also part of the ongoing costs. These expenses typically amount to INR 50,000 to INR 1 lakh per month.

Zudio Franchise Cost in India 2024

CostDescriptionEstimated Range (INR)
Initial InvestmentFee to operate under the Zudio brand name5 lakhs – 10 lakhs
Setting up the store (fixtures, interiors)20 lakhs – 40 lakhs
Initial stock of clothes, footwear, accessories10 lakhs – 20 lakhs
Renting retail space and security deposit5 lakhs – 20 lakhs
Total Initial Cost40 lakhs – 80 lakhs
Ongoing CostsRoyalty fee as a percentage of monthly sales5% – 8% of sales
Salaries for store staff2 lakhs – 5 lakhs
Marketing and advertising your store50,000 – 1 lakh
Utilities (electricity, water) and maintenance50,000 – 1 lakh
Total Monthly Costs3.05 lakhs – 7.05 lakhs

Steps to Start a Zudio Franchise

Dreaming of owning a fashion business? Zudio might be a great fit! They offer trendy clothes and homeware at affordable prices. To start your Zudio franchise, expect an investment of ₹2-3 crore. This covers fees, store setup, and initial inventory. It’s a good idea to check if you meet their criteria before applying.

1. Research and Planning

Before diving into any business venture, thorough research and planning are essential. Understand the local market, identify potential locations, and evaluate the competition. It’s also important to have a clear business plan outlining your financial projections and strategies for growth.

2. Contact Zudio

Reach out to Zudio through their official website or contact their franchise department directly. Express your interest in becoming a franchisee and request detailed information about the franchise process and requirements.

3. Application and Approval

Submit a formal application to Zudio, providing all necessary details about your background, financial capabilities, and proposed store location. Zudio will review your application and, if approved, will invite you for further discussions and negotiations.

4. Site Selection and Lease Agreement

Once approved, work with Zudio to finalize a suitable location for your store. Ensure that the location meets Zudio’s standards and is in a high foot-traffic area. Negotiate and sign a lease agreement with the property owner.

5. Store Setup and Training

Zudio will assist you in setting up the store according to their brand standards. This includes designing the layout, installing fixtures, and stocking the initial inventory. Zudio will also provide training for you and your staff on store operations, customer service, and sales techniques.

6. Grand Opening and Marketing

Plan a grand opening event to create buzz and attract customers. Leverage Zudio’s marketing support and invest in local advertising to promote your store. Use social media, local newspapers, and other channels to spread the word.

Benefits of Starting a Zudio Franchise

By starting a Zudio franchise, you gain the benefits of an established brand, comprehensive support, and access to a proven business model, increasing your chances of success in the competitive fashion retail industry.

Established Brand RecognitionLeverage the strong reputation and customer trust associated with the Tata Group.
Reduced Risk & Proven ModelBenefit from Zudio’s established business model, minimizing the risks involved in starting a new fashion retail business.
Comprehensive Training & SupportReceive training on store operations, customer service, and sales techniques from Zudio. Additionally, benefit from ongoing support in areas like marketing and inventory management.
Bulk Buying Power & Competitive PricesGain access to Zudio’s bulk buying power, allowing you to offer competitive prices to your customers.
Marketing & Advertising SupportUtilize Zudio’s marketing resources and leverage their brand recognition to attract customers to your store.
Be Your Own BossOwn and operate your Zudio franchise, experiencing the satisfaction of running your own business.
Growth PotentialTap into the growing fashion retail market in India and build a successful business with the potential for expansion.
Profit PotentialEarn attractive profits after reaching the break-even point, with profit margins ranging from 15% to 20%.

Financial Considerations and Profit Potential

Starting a Zudio franchise involves a substantial initial investment, but it also offers significant profit potential. Here’s a closer look at the financial aspects:


The revenue of your Zudio franchise will depend on various factors, including location, footfall, and effective marketing. On average, a well-located Zudio store can generate monthly sales ranging from INR 15 lakhs to INR 50 lakhs.

Break-Even Point

The break-even point is when your revenue equals your expenses. Given the initial investment and ongoing costs, a Zudio franchise typically reaches the break-even point within 1 to 2 years, depending on sales performance and cost management.

Profit Margin

After reaching the break-even point, the profit margin for a Zudio franchise can be quite attractive. With effective management and strong sales, franchisees can expect a profit margin of 15% to 20%.

Challenges and Tips for Success


1. High Initial Investment

The initial investment required can be a barrier for many potential franchisees. Securing financing and managing cash flow are critical.

2. Competition

The fashion retail market is highly competitive. Ensuring your store stands out through excellent customer service and effective marketing is essential.

3. Inventory Management

Keeping up with the latest fashion trends and managing inventory efficiently can be challenging. Overstocking or understocking can affect profitability.

Tips for Success

1. Location

Choose a location with high foot traffic and visibility. Malls, shopping centers, and busy streets are ideal.

2. Customer Service

Train your staff to provide excellent customer service. A positive shopping experience can lead to repeat customers and word-of-mouth referrals.

3. Marketing

Invest in local marketing efforts. Utilize social media platforms to engage with customers and promote new arrivals and sales events.

4. Financial Management

Keep a close eye on your financials. Regularly review your expenses, revenue, and profit margins to identify areas for improvement.

Zudio Franchise: Statistics

Total Fashion Retail Market in India (2023)Estimated at USD 150 Billionhttps://www.ibef.org/blogs/digital-fashion-disruptors-in-india
Projected Growth of Indian Fashion Retail Market (2023-2028)Expected to grow at a CAGR of 11.6%https://www.ibef.org/blogs/digital-fashion-disruptors-in-india
Number of Zudio Stores (as of May 2024)Over 352https://www.zudio.com/apps/s/zudio/storelocators
Franchise Fee Range₹5 lakhs – ₹10 lakhshttps://www.franchiseindia.com/brands/zudio.85046
Initial Investment Range₹40 lakhs – ₹80 lakhshttps://www.franchiseindia.com/brands/zudio.85046
Average Break-Even Time1-2 yearshttps://bestfranchiseconnect.com/franchise-opportunities/


Starting a Zudio franchise in India offers an exciting opportunity to enter the booming fashion retail market. With the backing of a strong brand, comprehensive support, and a growing customer base, a Zudio franchise can be a profitable venture. However, it’s essential to understand the costs involved and plan meticulously to ensure success. By following the steps outlined in this guide and focusing on excellent customer service and effective marketing, you can build a thriving Zudio store and make your mark in the fashion industry.

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FAQs: Zudio Franchise Cost in India

What is a Zudio franchise?

A Zudio franchise is a business opportunity where you can open and operate a store under the Zudio brand, offering trendy and affordable fashion items.

How much does it cost to start a Zudio franchise in India?

Starting a Zudio franchise typically costs between INR 40 lakhs to INR 80 lakhs. This includes the franchise fee, store setup, inventory, and other initial expenses.

What is included in the initial investment for a Zudio franchise?

The initial investment covers the franchise fee, store setup costs (interiors, fixtures, signage), initial inventory, rent, and security deposit.

How much is the Zudio franchise fee?

The franchise fee for a Zudio store ranges from INR 5 lakhs to INR 10 lakhs.

Are there ongoing fees for a Zudio franchise?

Yes, there are ongoing royalty fees, which are typically 5% to 8% of your monthly sales.

How can I apply for a Zudio franchise?

You can apply by contacting Zudio through their official website or franchise department. You’ll need to fill out an application form and provide details about your background and proposed location.

Does Zudio provide training and support?

Yes, Zudio offers comprehensive training and support, including help with store setup, staff training, marketing, and ongoing operational support.

How long does it take to break even with a Zudio franchise?

Most Zudio franchises reach the break-even point within 1 to 2 years, depending on sales performance and cost management.

What kind of location is ideal for a Zudio store?

An ideal location for a Zudio store is one with high foot traffic and visibility, such as a shopping mall, busy street, or popular shopping center.

How can I market my Zudio store effectively?

Effective marketing includes using social media, local advertising, promotions, and hosting a grand opening event to attract customers. Zudio also provides marketing support to help you promote your store.

What are the main challenges of running a Zudio franchise?

The main challenges include managing the high initial investment, dealing with competition, and efficiently managing inventory to keep up with fashion trends.

What kind of profit margin can I expect from a Zudio franchise?

After reaching the break-even point, you can expect a profit margin of around 15% to 20%, depending on your sales and cost management.

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