Aashiqui 3 Release Date – Trailer, Cast, Latest Update

Aashiqui is a superhit franchise of Bollywood. Recently, we heard news about the third part of the film, revealing that Karthik Aryan will play the lead role in Aashiqui 3. Now the franchise owner T-Series has broken its silence on these updates regarding Aashiqui 3. The production house has informed us that they are not making this film.

News about Aashiqui 3 has been coming for quite some time now. People are saying that T-Series is producing the film. The production house has now clarified its stand on this. on 6th T-Series announced on March that the company will not be making this film, and Anurag Basu’s film has nothing to do with it.

T-Series Denied Aashiqui 3

T-Series also announced that Anurag Basu’s film, being developed under their banner, does not have any connection to the franchise. The statement clarified, “T-Series would like to clarify that we are currently not involved in developing or producing Aashiqui 3. If work on Aashiqui 3 ever commences, T-Series and Vishesh Films/Mukesh Bhatt will take charge of the franchise. Will build it together, because both are joint owners and no one can build it.”

Aashiqui 3 is not making

T-Series also stated, “We clearly reject any rumours suggesting that T-Series is producing Aashiqui 3 under another title. Anurag Basu is directing our film. The film is neither Aashiqui 3 nor part of the Aashiqui franchise. We sincerely appreciate the continued support and excitement of our fans.”

Update regarding Aashiqui 3

After the tremendous success of Aashiqui franchise, the audience is eagerly waiting for its third part. In such a situation, we keep hearing some or the other update regarding Aashiqui 3. Recently a media report claimed that Kartik Aryan will play the lead role in Aashiqui 3. However, T-Series itself has now clarified everything regarding the franchise.

Kartik had confirmed Aashiqui 3 with Anurag Basu

In 2022, Kartik posted the motion poster on Instagram for his upcoming movie. He wrote, “Ab Tere Bin Ji Lenge Hum/Zeher Zindagi Ka Pi Lenge Hum #Aashiqui3.” This one is going to be heartbreaking!! “My first time with Basu Da (Anurag Basu).”

Kartik on Aashiqui 3

Kartik expressed, “I grew up watching the timeless classic Aashiqui, and working on Aashiqui 3 is like a dream come true.” I feel blessed and grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with Bhushan Kumar and Mukesh Bhatt. I’ve always admired Anurag Basu’s work, and working with him on this project will undoubtedly shape me in a variety of ways.

About Aashiqui’s sequel

T-Series and Vishesh Films produced the 1990 film Aashiqui, which Mahesh Bhatt directed. Rahul Roy and Anu Aggarwal performed the leading parts. The franchise relaunched in 2013 with Aashiqui 2. Mohit Suri directed the film, which starred Shraddha Kapoor and Aditya Roy Kapur. It was also a box-office hit.

Aashiqui 3 Cast

The Star cast of Aashiqui 3 are Tripti Dimri, Kartik Aryan, Arjun Manchal.

Where can I Watch Aashiqui 3 trailer?

T-Series has confirmed the movie will no longer be made, which is why the Aashiqui 3 trailer is not yet released.

Aashiqui 3 Update: T-Series Clarifies They Are Not Making the Film

Fans of the beloved Bollywood romance franchise “Aashiqui” were buzzing with rumors about a third installment starring Kartik Aaryan. However, there’s been an official update from T-Series, the production house behind the first two films. In a statement released on March 6, 2024, T-Series clarified that they are not currently developing or producing Aashiqui 3.

This news comes after reports circulated suggesting Kartik Aaryan would be the lead in Aashiqui 3 directed by Anurag Basu. T-Series emphasized that Anurag Basu’s film under their banner is not connected to the Aashiqui franchise.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the key points:

  • T-Series confirms they are not making Aashiqui 3.
  • Anurag Basu’s film with T-Series is a separate project, not part of Aashiqui.
  • T-Series and Vishesh Films/Mukesh Bhatt remain joint owners of the Aashiqui franchise.

While there may be future plans for Aashiqui 3, T-Series has shut down current rumors. They’ve also reiterated that they and Vishesh Films/Mukesh Bhatt will collaborate on any future installments.

Searching for Aashiqui 3 Trailer? Look Elsewhere (for Now)

With T-Series confirming the film’s cancellation, there’s obviously no Aashiqui 3 trailer available. Fans eager to see Kartik Aaryan in a romantic lead role will need to wait for his other upcoming projects.

What About the Cast Rumors?

Previous reports mentioned actors like Kartik Aaryan, Tripti Dimri, and Arjun Manchal being associated with Aashiqui 3. Since the film isn’t moving forward, this cast information is no longer relevant.

Aashiqui Franchise: A Brief Recap

The Aashiqui franchise holds a special place in Bollywood history. The original 1990 film, directed by Mahesh Bhatt and starring Rahul Roy and Anu Aggarwal, became a massive hit. The 2013 sequel, Aashiqui 2, directed by Mohit Suri and featuring Shraddha Kapoor and Aditya Roy Kapur, was another box-office success.

Stay Tuned for Future Aashiqui Updates

While Aashiqui 3 isn’t happening right now, the door remains open for a future return of the franchise. Keep an eye out for official announcements from T-Series or Vishesh Films/Mukesh Bhatt for any developments.

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