Ranbir Kapoor: Bollywood's Charismatic Star

Wake Up Sid (2009)

– A coming-of-age story about a carefree young man named Sid – Sid embarks on a journey of self-discovery in Mumbai – Kapoor's portrayal of Sid's transformation is heartwarming and relatable

– A quirky romantic comedy with a twist – Kapoor plays Prem, a goofy yet lovable sales representative – The film features hilarious situations and a captivating love story

– A refreshing take on the salesman profession – Kapoor portrays an honest and ambitious salesman named Rocket Singh – The film highlights the challenges and triumphs of the corporate world

Rajneeti (2010)

– A political drama filled with intrigue and power struggle – Kapoor portrays a ruthless and ambitious politician named Samar Pratap – The film explores the dark side of Indian politic

– A heartwarming love story with a unique twist – Kapoor portrays Barfi, a deaf-mute man with childlike innocence – The film celebrates love, acceptance, and the beauty of human connection

– A coming-of-age rom-com about friendship and love – Kapoor plays Kabir, a free-spirited travel enthusiast – The film explores the complexities of relationships and finding oneself

– A biographical drama based on the life of Sanjay Dutt – Kapoor delivers a powerful performance as the controversial actor – The film explores the highs and lows of Dutt's life and career

– A fantasy adventure film with stunning visuals and VFX – Kapoor stars alongside Alia Bhatt in a story about ancient Indian mythology – The film marks the beginning of a planned trilogy

Ranbir Kapoor: A Legacy in the Making

– Renowned for his versatility, dedication, and captivating screen presence – Kapoor has established himself as a leading actor in Bollywood – With his diverse filmography and dedication to his craft, he continues to impress audience