Pawan Singh: BJP Confirms Lok Sabha Candidature!

Bhojpuri power star Pawan Singh will not contest Lok Sabha elections from RJD. After rejecting the Asansol ticket, there was a possibility that he might contest for the Ara Lok Sabha seat from RJD. But now Pawan Singh has clarified this.

While talking to News 18, Pawan Singh said that the question of contesting elections from RJD does not arise. Bhojpuri singer said that this misleading news is being spread. He is a Bharatiya Janata Party worker and is there now.

Pawan Singh said that he has been thinking for BJP for the last ten years and will contest the Lok Sabha elections this time from BJP at any cost. He said that continuous talks are going on with the high command. Whatever happens, I will decide on the elections soon.

Earlier on Wednesday, superstar Pawan Singh had announced to contest the elections by posting on social media platform X. “I will contest elections to fulfil the promise made to the people and my mother. I seek your blessings and cooperation. Jai Mata Di,”

Pawan Singh said that he will contest the elections. However, he did not say from which seat he would contest the elections. After this post of his, apprehensions were raised that he may contest the elections from Ara’s seat from RJD.

Let us tell you that Pawan Singh has wanted to contest elections from Arrah’s seat for a long time. However, the BJP surprisingly gave Asansol’s ticket to Pawan Singh. First of all, Pawan Singh thanked the BJP for this. But he withdrew his candidature after huge opposition on social media.

Along with this, he met BJP President JP Nadda. During this time he did not reveal why he withdrew his candidature. There is still doubt on which Lok Sabha seat Pawan Singh will contest.

Why was Pawan Singh removed from Asansol after giving him a ticket?

Pawan Singh, a Bhojpuri actor and musician, withdrew his BJP candidate from Asansol after being attacked by the TMC over his songs.

Pawan Singh, a Bhojpuri actor and musician who had withdrawn his BJP candidate from Asansol in West Bengal, reversed course on Wednesday and said that he will run in the Lok Sabha elections. 

The Bhojpuri actor, who appeared on the BJP’s first list of 195 candidates, wrote in an X post, “I express my heartfelt gratitude to the top leadership of the Bharatiya Janata Party.” The party trusted me and designated me the candidate for Asansol, but due to personal reasons, I will be unable to contest the election from Asansol.” 

Currently serving as the Trinamool Congress’s Lok Sabha representative is veteran actor and politician Shatrughan Sinha. In 2024, he plans to run for the same seat in the Lok Sabha.

“I don’t know him personally but have heard that he is a great artist and singer,” Sinha had remarked in response to a question regarding Pawan Singh’s previous announcement that he would not be contesting. He’s pretty well known to some of our people. It is an internal matter for the BJP.”

Singh, famously known as the ‘Power Star’ of the Bhojpuri film industry, joined the BJP in 2014. He has received acclaim for his performances in films like as Pratigya, Satya, and Har Har Gange.

What is the net worth of actor Pawan Singh?

If BJP again gives a ticket from Asansol to Pawan Singh, who is going to start his political journey in the film industry, then he will have a direct fight with actor and MP Shatrughan Sinha. Sinha is the TMC MP from the Asansol seat. However, the BJP has not yet decided on Pawan’s ticket. Pawan Singh has a huge fan following and along with his acting and singing in films, his wealth is also worth crores. According to reports, the estimated net worth of Pawan Singh is around 6-8 million dollars (about Rs 50-65 crore).


Ques: Pawan Singh’s most famous song in 2023?

Panche ke nache aiha

Ques: Pawan singh new song Holi 2024?

Ka kailu Ae Jaan is the new song of pawan singh in this holi 2024.

Ques: Who is Pawan Singh’s current wife?

Jyoti Singh is the current wife of Pawan Singh.

Ques: what is the net worth of Pawan Singh?

The net worth of Pawan Singh is around 6-8 million dollars.

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