All New Jawa 350 Bike, A Truly Great New Motorcycle!

The Jawa Yezdi Motorcycle Company has shown off their new Jawa 350 bike, which is really cool and will make riding motorcycles even more fun! It costs ₹2.14 lakh and has lots of power, style, and new ideas.

Engine and Performance

The Jawa 350 bike has a strong engine that makes it go fast and powerful. It can go up to 22.5 horsepower and has a lot of torque. The bike also has a special gearbox that makes it easy to shift gears and gives a smooth ride. Overall, the Jawa 350 bike is really exciting to ride and performs better than other bikes in its category.

Design and Features

The Jawa 350 bike looks really cool and unique. It has a strong frame, comes in a cool orange color, and has shiny chrome parts. The bike is made really well and feels fancy when you ride it. It also has cool features like a digital screen, different ways to ride, and bright lights.

Comparison and Competition

The Jawa 350 bike is a really cool motorcycle that is similar to the Royal Enfield Classic 350 and Honda CB350. It is different from the others because it is really fast, looks great, and is a good deal for the money. It is a strong competitor and a really good choice for people who want a bike like this.

Price and EMI Plan

The Jawa 350 bike costs ₹2.14 lakh and you can book it by paying a refundable deposit of ₹5000 at a dealership or on the official website. If you want to pay in installments, you can make a down payment of ₹40,000 and then pay ₹6261 every month for 36 months to own the bike.

Final Call

The Jawa 350 bike is a new and improved motorcycle from Jawa Yezdi Motorcycle Company. It has a strong engine, looks really cool, and has cool features that make riding it even more fun. Whether you’re riding in the city or out in nature, the Jawa 350 bike promises an amazing experience that you won’t forget. It’s becoming really famous and well-loved by riders.

The motorcycle’s overall look is still the same, but it has been improved in some ways. It now has a stronger frame, a longer distance between the wheels, and it is higher off the ground by about 7 inches.

The new Jawa 350 bike has bigger wheels in the front and back, and it has special front forks that help with the way it moves. It also has two shocks in the back and brakes that work really well. The Jawa 350 bike is heavier than before, weighing 194 kg.

A Look back at the legacy of Jawa Bikes

History of Jawa Bikes

1878František Janeček is born
1929Janeček buys Wanderer motorcycle business
1930First Jawa motorcycle, Jawa 500 OHV, is created
1931Jawa 175 is created
1932-1935Jawa starts making their own engines and racing motorcycles
1939Jawa 350 SV is created
1939-1945World War II
1946Jawa Perak car is introduced
1948Jawa becomes owned by the government
1952New four-stroke engines are introduced
1960s & 70sJawa-CZ becomes successful in racing
1960-1971Ideal Jawa brings Jawa motorcycles to India
1971Ideal Jawa starts making Yezdi motorcycles

How it all began 1878

František Janeček was born in a little village called Klaster in the Czech Republic on January 23, 1878. He went to school in Prague to learn about machines and got his degree from a college in Berlin.

During World War I, he was in Italy and came up with many new ideas. He invented over 60 things, like a better kind of grenade that the Czech Army used a lot.


Instead of making a new motorcycle all by himself, he bought a motorcycle business called Wanderer from a company in Germany. He also got the plans and tools for a new motorcycle called Wanderer 500.

The first Jawa motorcycle was created by combining the first two letters from the names “Janiček” and “Wanderer”. It was called the Jawa 500 OHV.


Janeček wanted to make a motorcycle that was light and didn’t cost a lot of money, so that lots of people could use it.

He asked a very smart and experienced person, who was good at making things and had raced before, to help him with this project.

From 1930 until the start of World War II, Patchett worked as the main designer for Jawa.

31 The Jawa 175 (1931)

With the Villiers, the new lightweight Jawa made about six horsepower at 3,750 rpm. Patchett started creating a special motorcycle that can be used by everyone by using a certain type of engine called the 175cc Villiers two-stroke engine.

In 1933, a new type of motorcycle called the Jawa 175 became very popular in Czechoslovakia.

Afterwards, Jawa stopped making the 500cc OHV.


Patchett was in charge of a group of people called the Jawa R&D team. They started making their own engines instead of buying them from someone else.

During this time, the company made more types of motorcycles with different sizes of engines. They also made some special racing motorcycles with advanced technology, but only a few of them were made.

These machines helped Jawa become known for making really cool and well-designed motorcycles that are easy to ride.

Jawa started to believe in themselves more and decided to join race teams at the Isle of Man TT races in 1932, 1933, and 1935.


Janeček and Patchett worked together to create a motorcycle called the Jawa 350 SV. In the same year, Jawa motorcycles took part in the Isle of Man events one after the other.

1939-1945 World War2 era

Janeček put stickers with the letters “SS” on his bikes and painted them the same green color as the German vehicles.

He kept trying out his inventions while his enemies were nearby. World War II stopped the making of Jawa motorcycles, but not the work on them.

Even though the Jawa factory had to make weapons because bad people were in charge of the country, Janeček still worked in secret because he loved creating new things.

His next group of motorcycles would become known as the Jawa “Perak”.

In 1941, the world lost a legend. Janeček succumbed to long-term illness and breathed his last on June 4th.

Janeček’s son Karel started running the business and kept working on his dad’s ideas.


Janeček’s dream came true.

The Perak car was shown to the public for the first time at a special event in Paris in 1946. It was so good that it got a gold medal as a prize.

Czechoslovakia under communist control 1948

Jawa became owned by the government. They didn’t sell as many things to the U.S. because of a big wall, but they sold a lot to poorer countries.

The new models had better engines called four-strokes. They were bigger and stronger than the old ones.

Four Stroke era 1952

The Jawa motorcycles got even better with new, more powerful engines joining the ones they already had.

60’s & 70’s

In the 1960s and 1970s, Jawa-CZ became really popular in motocross and enduro racing. They won a lot of big competitions and were champions many times.

Jawa motorcycles were really good at racing and were sent to 120 countries around the world. They also tried out road racing with special engines that were set up in a V4 shape.

1960-71 Jawa entered a licensing arrangement with Ideal Jawa Ltd.

Two brothers named Rustom and Farrokh Irani started a company called Ideal Jawa that brought Jawa motorcycles to India.

In 1961, Jawa opened a factory in Mysore with help from the king at that time, Jayachamarajendra Wodeyar, because a lot of people wanted their motorcycles.

From 1961 to 1971, Ideal Jawa made the 250 Type 353/04 with permission.

Jawa motorcycles became known for being strong, easy to use, and never breaking.

The Jawa 250 was a popular choice for young people in cities to get around, and some really skilled racers even won races with it because they were inspired by racing in Europe.

Fariborz Irani, CK Chinappa, and Somendar Singh were famous people who rode these motorcycles on different types of land and helped make the brand well-known.

In 1971, a company called Ideal Jawa started making and selling new motorcycles called “Yezdi” with help from Jawa.

1970 – 2017

Jawa kept going even though they were limited by rules on what they could sell to other countries. They were able to stay around longer than the regime that had these restrictions.

Many well-known models, like the famous Californian, helped make the brand exciting and special.

Even now, people are still making Jawa motorcycles in different places in Europe.


Ques: Jawa 350 price?

Ans: The price of Jawa 350 bike is ₹ 2,15,422.

Ques: Jawa 350 mileage?

Ans: 30 kmpl

Ques: Jawa 350 top speed?

Ans: 343 cc engine it could reach speeds of 132 kilometres per hour (82 mph)

Classic Charm Meets Modern Performance: Jawa 350 Bike Statistics

The Jawa 350 bike, a legendary motorcycle with a rich history, continues to captivate riders with its timeless design and improved performance. Here’s a look at some key statistics that define this iconic bike:


  • Displacement: 334cc
  • Engine Type: Single-cylinder, Liquid-cooled, 4-stroke
  • Max Power: 22.5 bhp @ 7,000 rpm
  • Max Torque: 28.1 Nm @ 5,000 rpm


  • Gearbox: 6-speed


  • Front: Disc brake (280mm) with ABS
  • Rear: Disc brake (240mm) with ABS


  • Wheelbase: 1490mm
  • Ground Clearance: 178mm
  • Kerb Weight: 194kg
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 13.2L

Additional Features:

  • Telescopic front suspension
  • Twin shock absorbers with adjustable preload at the rear
  • Digital instrument cluster


  • Claimed Mileage: 30 kmpl (may vary depending on riding conditions)
  • Top Speed: Around 120 km/h (claimed)

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